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Tian Pujun sued since media claim 550 thousand – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn by WeChat public, published an article called "Tian Pujun Liao Han" "wild west", recently, Tian Pujun Wang will be the WeChat public number of holders of the prosecution to the court, the Chaoyang Court informed yesterday, the court has accepted the case. According to Tian Pujun said the prosecution, July 4, 2016, Ms. Wang in the WeChat registered public "beast floor entitled" Tian Pujun "Liao Han the past, it was the world go wild ways woman away" in her article, wantonly slander. Once published, the amount of reading is over 1 million 200 thousand in 7 hours. Although Ms. Wang deleted the article after the event, Tian Pujun’s reputation has been damaged. Tian Pujun said, the article said he is the cause of Wang Shi’s "dilemma" and "death", "Vanke Wang Shi accumulated goodwill in Miss Tian long time consumed in the self hype", "Wang Shi’s dilemma, heavily influenced by the relationship of the drag". The article also describes her character and integrity for no reason, which is called "active pursuit of this relationship."…… However, it is necessary to pose the victim in all public occasions". To this end, Tian Pujun asked Ms. Wang in his release of the above article WeChat public number "animal building" and the major portal website apology, eliminate the influence, compensation for mental loss 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenditure 5 yuan. (reporter Liu Ke) (Jun Qiu Ye, commissioning editor: handsome)

田朴珺起诉自媒体索赔55万–江西频道–人民网 因微信公众号发表文章称田朴珺“撩汉”“走野路子”,近日,田朴珺将该微信公众号持有人王女士起诉至法院,朝阳法院昨日通报,该院已受理此案。 据田朴珺起诉称,2016年7月4日,王女士在其注册的微信公众号“兽楼处”发表题为《田朴珺撩汉往事,世界就这样被走野路子的女人抢走》的文章,对她进行大肆诽谤。该文章一经发表,阅读量在7小时内即超过120万。虽然王女士在事后删除了该文章,但田朴珺的名誉已遭到损害。 田朴珺表示,文章称自己是导致王石“困局”及万科“死亡”的原因,“王石多年积累的商誉,也在田小姐长时间的自我炒作中消耗殆尽”,“王石今日之困局,很大程度上受到了这段关系的拖累”。文章还对她的人品和诚信无端诋毁,称“明明主动追求的这段关系……却偏偏要在所有公众场合摆出受害者的姿态”。 为此,田朴珺要求王女士在其发布上述文章的微信公众号“兽楼处”及各大门户网站上赔礼道歉、消除影响,赔偿精神损失50万元及合理支出5万余元。(记者 刘可) (责编:帅筠、邱烨)相关的主题文章:

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